Audit Challenge

We’re committed to protecting your experience and your information so you can focus on what is important – getting insurance.

Hassle-Free Promise

The concept of having insurance on your life, your health, and your property have been around for centuries and over that time, the idea of having to get insurance has become more and more stressful.

Not only do you have to find the right carrier, who offers the right amount of coverage for a price that fits the budget, but now you have to make sure that the website you’re visiting to find insurance is actually connecting you with a reputable company and won’t sell your information.

Spam-Free Guarantee

Annoying sales calls, random text messages – just to get an insurance quote. We don’t do that crap! And we’ve got $50 on the table to prove it. If you get a sales call or unsolicited text from your interaction with us, we’ll pay you $50.

No Spam

Happy Insurance Shopping

Unfortunately, we’ve all had the experience at some point of submitting our information to get a quote, which includes our phone number, and then spending the next two weeks hitting “Ignore” on dozens of unknown phone numbers after your information was sold to countless other companies. We know everyone is just trying to do a job but it’s annoying.

We’re so confident in our experience that if you receive an unsolicited phone call as a result of your interaction with BuyInsurance, we’ll give you a $50 gift certificate for your suffering and because we fell short of meeting our own mantra.

Just email with the details of your experience and we’ll investigate immediately.