Health Insurance

You’ve got one body, and that one body needs to make it all the way to the end of your life. To protect that body and all the parts it comes with — heart, lungs, limbs & squishy bits — you need good health insurance.

You can create the kind of coverage that works best for you.

From an all-in-one package that covers essential health benefits and extras to short term coverage with supplemental benefits — accident coverage, dental, vision, and more — there’s a whole wide world of health insurance products that can be customized to your needs and budget.

Major Medical Insurance

Major Medical

Major medical is the top tier of health insurance. It’s comprehensive, it costs more and it’s available regardless of health history or pre-existing conditions.

Short Term Medical Insurance

Short Term Medical

Short term coverage can be a good temporary option for medical insurance. It’s designed to be just-in-case protection — you only use it when you really need it.

Supplemental Insurance


If you get sick, injured, or end up in the hospital, ancillary benefits can help you cover the cost of your care — or help with everyday life expenses until you are feeling better.

Life Insurance


Life insurance is a policy that pays out a set amount of money when the covered person dies. That money can be used for everything from funeral expenses to a financial cushion for your family.

Dental Insurance


Dental insurance can help you cover the cost of cleanings and more expensive dental issues, like emergency tooth repair or jaw problems.

Vision Insurance


Vision insurance is a low-cost way to cover routine eye care, glasses and contacts, and maybe even a few extras like elective eye surgery, LASIK.

Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans typically cover benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t like prescription drugs, dental and vision, hearing aids, and exams.

Medicare Advantage


Medigap policies are private plans available to people with Original Medicare to cover some or nearly all of the out-of-pocket costs.

Health Insurance

Not sure what you want or where to start? We got you.

There’s a lot to juggle when it comes to health insurance. Low premiums usually mean higher out-of-pocket costs when you get care, but you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice quality coverage for cost.

Health insurance is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to stress you out. (Seriously. You’ve got enough on your plate.) We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you.


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