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Vision insurance is a low-cost way to cover routine eye care, glasses and contacts, and maybe even a few extras like elective eye surgery, LASIK.

Vision insurance covers preventive care and treatments for a host of eye-related problems.

Even if your eyes aren’t operating as windows to your soul, they make a pretty good window to the rest of the world. And if that’s not enough reason to make sure you’ve got the right vision insurance, then feel free to pay lots of money to keep those baby blues in good shape.


(But not really.)

Vision insurance isn’t just for people with vision problems. Like health insurance and dental coverage, vision insurance keeps your out-of-pocket costs in check if you need unexpected care.

We’ll spare you horror stories of eye injuries gone awry.

Suffice it to say that very little stands between your eyes and the outside world. Eyelids can keep out dust and small particles, but they’re pretty useless when it comes to keeping out a wayward baseball.

And if you do have vision problems — or you come from a long line of glasses-wearing relatives — then you definitely need good coverage in place.

Glasses and contacts add up quickly, as do the exams to treat and diagnose problems, adjust your lenses and make sure your eyes are doing what they should be doing. If you need specialty care, like extra screenings for glaucoma or customized lenses to address astigmatism, vision insurance will kick in to help cover these costs.

In a nutshell, vision insurance typically covers:

  • Preventive visits (eye checkups)
  • Corrective devices, like glasses and contacts
  • All or part of the cost of frames
  • Elective surgery, like LASIK

The Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) requires major medical plans to cover vision care for children, but there’s no such requirement for adults. If you’re an adult and you have eyeballs, you’ll need to get vision insurance on your own.

You can do that by adding a supplemental vision plan to existing coverage or buying a standalone plan. Have a medical plan from work but no vision coverage? Need something better for your kids than the plan you have already? You’ve got options.

Not all vision plans cover the same kinds of services. Coverage for any service will always vary depending on the plan you get — that’s true of all insurance plans. But vision insurance is a low-cost way to cover routine vision care (and maybe a few extras).

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